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Online Coaching

Ready to train and get healthy, but live far away? I specialize in online fitness training suited to your needs. I’ve been coaching online for the past seven years! Little did I know how fortunate this would make me once the pandemic hit. Individual online coaching intake is closed for […]

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Public Speaking

Lending my expertise to international companies and organizations. I’ve written extensively and speak on topics including Pre- and postnatal coaching Coaching and training women The magic and mystery behind effective coaching Sexual harassment

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I’ve Been There, Too

I’ve been where you are: Knowing that I needed a change, but not knowing where to begin.

I’ve been terrified at the thought of stepping into a gym — so afraid of the stares or making a fool of myself.

I’ve felt so silly not knowing how to workout, what I should be doing, or what I was supposed to be feeling with a given exercise.

And my nutrition was no better: What should I eat? Am I eating enough? Am I eating too much? Is this food compatible with my goals?

Figuring it all out seemed like a monumental and impossible task. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle.

So I did the only thing I could think of: I went all in. ?

I began educating myself heavily in everything all things fitness and nutrition. I completed prestigious certifications, put my learning into practice and got my clients amazing results. I’ve made myself a name in the fitness industry through the only means I have: hard work, a sincere desire to help others, and eternal, unwavering optimism.

And today?

  • I have online coaching clients in over 10 countries.
  • I am a writer and contributor to some of the most prominent fitness and nutrition websites.
  • I’ve even helped create a Pre- and Postpartum Coaching certification that is currently in use in over 34 countries!

But here’s the real magic:

Above all else, I have learned how to transform my own body; my relationship with food is healthy and conducive to a healthy life; and I’m able to maintain my body and healthy habits even through the craziness of having three daughters, being a business owner, and all the demands of home, life, work, and relationships.

This is what I do — I teach my clients how to accomplish the same.

And this is why I’m so good at what I do.

Because I’ve been there, too.