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6 Weeks to Summer Success {NOW OPEN!}

You’re ready to tackle life on your terms – and we’re here to make it happen!

This is for you if you could use 6 weeks worth of daily meal plans, dietitian-approved recipes, workouts, accountability and all the professional support you’ve ever wanted!

>>What does “Summer Success” mean to you?

All of this -and more- is what 6 Weeks To Summer Success is all about

Official start is this Monday March 1st!

This is everything that’s included in this amazing program:

Complete Recipe Guide

Over 60 delicious and easy to make recipes! Each recipe is whole foods-based and packed with nutrition, guaranteed to give you what you need as you go after your goals. Our clients (and their families!) RAVE about our recipes!

Complete Success Manual

Your guide filled with tips, pointers, and all the details and secrets that can make your success story a reality this year. We give you all the deets that can MAXIMIZE your success! Really, an invaluable resource.

Daily Meal Plans

Dietitian-approved plans and guaranteed to keep you on your goals! Imagine days filled with nutritious and easy-to-make meals where the stress is gone because you can trust you’re always on the right track. Yes, please!

Weekly Print-and-go Grocery Shopping Lists

My clients absolutely LOVE these shopping lists – they’re a life saver! No more second guessing or wasting time, no more wasted food going bad in your fridge – we buy exactly what we need. Organization at its finest!

Restaurant Swap Guide

If you enjoy eating out, we got you! You don’t have to give up your social life or tasty restaurant meals. Here we show you how to make the best meals fit your healthy lifestyle!

Goal-Setting Worksheet

We teach you how to set goals that matter to YOU and how to break them down into actionable chunks. In no time you’ll be ticking off your amazing success!

Progress Tracking Guide

We can’t change what we don’t measure! We’ll teach you different ways of tracking your progress so you can decide which works best for YOU and YOUR GOALS.

Private Facebook Community

Our private Facebook group is worth gold! There is nothing like having the support and encouragement of other women who are going through your same journey. Expect lots of laughter, unfaltering support, and all the energy you could need to carry you through this adventure!

Successful Start Checklist

Here in 6WSS we set you up for…. SUCCESS. Obviously! And this includes this tiny but MIGHTY tool where you can make sure you are set and ready to go. Your Successful Start Checklist will be your very first best friend at 6WSS!

Daily Mindset + Affirmations

There is so much more to achieving your goals than just eating right and moving. Your mindset is probably the key determinant of our success! In 6WSS we will tackle this aspect and hone in on making your thoughts and attitude work in your favor.

And of course… our Daily LIVE Workouts!!

This alone is worth your time and attention! You get the opportunity daily to work out with your very own personal trainer! You’ll be able to ask all the questions you need, get clarification on form, learn modifications and everything you could hope for from having a trainer. AMAZING!!

And wait! I did one extra little something this time 🙂

I’m committed to helping as many people as I can, in every way I can.

So, upon noticing how so many of my clients’ partners and husbands were having AMAZING results, just from eating along how their spouse ate for my program…

I decided to add — the Partner Guideline! 😀

The Partner Guideline

Now your Significant Other can follow along your meal plan while knowing the correct proportions recommended for men! This is my way of contributing to the team effort that is so helpful in accomplishing our goals, when our partner is on board. Like I said: I got you! And it’s all included in the price of one just one program! Here’s to you and yours seeing plenty of benefit and wonderful results 🙂

One more thing —

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to all our documents, recipes, meal plans, our Facebook community discussions, and every single workout!

Yes, you can revisit and continue gaining all the benefits from this incredible program, forever. Unbelievable!

This program is designed to guarantee your success.

I’m invested in making these the BEST six weeks for you! I take great pride in the quality of my work and service, and it’s my own goal to help you achieve yours.

Just take a look at some of my former clients’ accomplishments in my programs:

And if that wasn’t enough, check this out-

I asked my former clients what they would say to someone who’s on the fence about joining in.

These are their words to you:

Now, you’ve made it this far and that’s good… because there’s ONE MORE THING:

By signing up in this very first round of the 6 Weeks to Summer Success, you will become a Founding Member- and in gratitude for helping me test out this new program you will receive now an amazing discount!

Your experience will help me discover and sort out any bugs with the systems, gather success stories and testimonials, and make this program better and better. And for that, I want to thank you!

This program – all the material, the recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, workouts, community support, worksheets and all resources, has a value of $420.

However, you can sign up for this Founding Member round today for ONLY $279 CDN!

(Just FYI, being a Founding Member earns you amazing benefits for all my future programs! You should see my FM clients from previous programs — they’re thrilled knowing they ALWAYS get special perks and discounts! I take good care of those who jump in at the first opportunity 🙂 Don’t miss out on this chance to become a Founding Member today!)

*Please note this is the only time this program will be offered at this price.

Enrollment closes on Saturday Feb. 27. Official start day is Monday March 1st.

By clicking “Buy Now” you will be directed to Paypal checkout to complete your special discount payment. Once your payment is complete, that’s it! You’ll be enrolled and will begin receiving next action steps.

Please be advised: space is limited and this program is projected to sell out (as our previous programs have). Reserve your spot today.