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FIT for the Dress {SOLD OUT}

*Please be advised this program is currently sold out.*

Back to healthy living, back to YOU!

FIT for the Dress is for you if you are:

-desperate for structure and consistency after chaos this past year

-are dreading having to go back to “normal” clothes because quarantine stress + sedentary life have changed the way your clothes fit you

-want to eat healthy but have no idea where to start anymore

-miss being active, stronger, healthier, looking leaner and toned

-dream of feeling energized and happy again, because you know you’re making changes in the right direction

-above all: You want to see clear, evident results to your efforts!

Let’s generate the POWER you’ve been wanting!

Success Guide
This is 40-page guide is designed to empower and educate you about nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy swaps, how-to’s, tips and tricks on everything… even skin care and stress management! Designed for you to achieve the best results possible.

Complete Recipe Manual
Thirty-seven pages filled with delicious whole-foods based meals, ready for your enjoyment! Simple to prep, easy to make, dive into the One-Pan Balsamic Chicken & Vegetables, our FFTD Quinoa Bowl, and so much more!

Meal Guides
Ever dream of not having to fuss over what to cook for an entire day? How about for 4 weeks? That’s right, you get four full weeks of done-for-you daily meal guides that are 100% Registered Dietician Approved! It’s the whole-foods based guideline that you were waiting for! 

Facebook Private Community
How about being surrounded with like-minded, determined women? There’s nothing that compares to that energy! Inspire and be inspired. Motivate and be motivated. Our private community is the place to be!

Weekly Grocery List
A practical and complete grocery list will accompany you to the store each week. No more guessing and ending with food waste! You can now shop for exactly what you’ll need. Just print and go!

Macro Breakdown
You will receive a macro breakdown for each day’s meal plan! Super handy for substitutions and for gaining better understanding of macros.

Dining Out Guide
Perfect for when eating out or ordering takeout! Turn any restaurant menu item into a delicious, healthy, and program-friendly alternative with this incredible swap guide.

Goal-Setting Guide
You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where that is! Set strong goals for your 4-week program with this helpful Goal-Setting Guide.

Our official Start Date is Monday, January 11th!



(insert shrieks, flailing hands and excited shimmies!)

Hi there, workout partner!

For years I’ve had women say, “I want to eat how you eat!” and “I want to do the same program you’re doing!”

And now for the first (and potentially only) time ever, you and me will be following the same nutrition + fitness program!

Just to be clear: I will be Live and visible for the group; you, however, will not be visible for the group, so no need to be shy! Lives are automatically recorded into the group, and so you can access any workout video at any time you want! All our workouts will be at-home with minimal equipment.


This isn’t the only surprise.

There’s something else!

There’s another INCREDIBLE surprise coming your way!

Because, again, for the first time ever…

ONE CONSISTENCY WINNER will be selected to WIN her very own Private Consultation with an Australia-based Personal Stylist & Image Consultant!

Uncover your Style with a Personal Stylist

What do you want the world to know about you and how can this shine through in your clothing?

It’s the perfect way to round up your success!

There is nothing more important than showing up. This is why we celebrate and reward consistency!

Now, you’ve made it this far and that’s good… because there’s one more thing.

Yes! Read along for one more UNBELIEVABLE surprise!

By signing up in this very first round of the FIT for the Dress, you will become a Founding Member and in gratitude for helping me test out this new program you will receive now an amazing 60% discount!

Your experience will help me discover and sort out any bugs with the systems, gather success stories and testimonies, and make this program better and better.

This program – all the material, the recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, workouts, community support, worksheets and all resources, has a value of $329.

However, you can sign up for this Founding Member round today for ONLY $197!

FIT for the Dress is currently sold out! Leave your email to be added to the waiting list. Don’t miss out next time!

By clicking “Buy Now” you will be directed to Paypal checkout to complete your special discount payment. Once your payment is complete, that’s it! You’ll be enrolled and will begin receiving next action steps.

Please be advised: this program sold out and will not re-open until later in the year. Be sure to check out 6 Weeks to Summer Success!