One Quick Trick To Stop Overeating Right Now (You Won’t Want To Miss This One!)

You love food. I love food. Nothing weird there, we’re kind of wired that way because survival.

If you’re like most people though, you are likely familiar with the very unpleasant feeling of being overstuffed. It’s uncomfortable, it gets hard to breathe, it hurts. That’s not great.

What if I gave you one trick you can implement immediately, right now, that will prevent this from happening again?

Well… ta-daaaaa!

Not my prettiest picture but you get the idea.

Not my prettiest picture but you get the idea.


Which of these two plates looks fuller, more satisfying? I bet you’re eyeballing the one on the left.

Well, both plates have roughly the same amount of food!

However, notice how the larger plate looks more empty? It has a larger surface and thus more empty space left.
And here is where our lizard brain kicks in: if we were to eat from the larger plate we would likely pile more food on it in order to cover more of the surface space, and we’d end up eating more. Hello tight pants. 

On the other hand, eating from a smaller plate (that looks full even with less food on it) registers as a more satisfying experience in our brain. Thanks, evolution!


Use this brain quirk to your benefit: If you want to eat less, eat only from smaller plates.

Easy. Actionable. That’s how we like it.


**Is this something you can do? Will you give it a try? Let me know!