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Online Coaching

Ready to train and get healthy, but live far away? I specialize in online fitness training suited to your needs.

Maybe you’ve been surfing through this website and everything in you is saying YES! This resonates with you! You’re tired of the BS, too. You want attainable and sustainable change. You want in!

But you live far away, in another country.

Fear not. Online training is here for you.

In online training you get the exercise programs, all the nutrition and fitness coaching, the accountability (!), a dedicated, experienced coach… all through the magic of your computer at only $179/ month.

Technology is amazing and it allows us to develop a fantastic coaching relationship even at a distance.

Our next program is starting on Monday May 20th, 2019. The bonus? It’s only a fraction of the cost of personal training.

Let this year be different from all the others! Space is limited. Contact me today.