The Strategy That Changed My Life (Read this for 2017)

I don’t have any resolutions for 2017.

I’m not setting goals or aiming for the moon.

I’m not promising that I will be better, either.

None of this has done much for me in the past. And, quite frankly, I think I’m a good enough person as I am right now, thankyouverymuch. You’re an excellent person, too. Yes, even with all those things you view as “flaws” which, really, just add to your uniqueness and individual beauty.

I don’t want to “fix” me. As bold as it may be to state in this world determined to convince us otherwise, I don’t need fixing; neither do you.

Can we aim at improving or shifting without first having to agree that we are in some way broken? Yes. Yes, we can.


I have a small technique that has proven impactful in how I live my year. All you need is one word.

What have you been aching for? What are you starving for, figuratively? What is your soul longing for nowadays?

Those questions may seem broad and generic. At risk of sounding like countless unoriginal self-help gurus I have to tell you, you know the answers in your heart.

Since our brain is more keen on focusing on the negative, let’s think about it this way: What have you been complaining about lately– are you bored? Lonely? Losing faith in humanity? Feeling unchallenged in your job?

Now, what is the antidote to what ails you– is it adventure? Meaningful relationships? Hope? Basically, the exact opposite of what you’re complaining about.


Once you find the answer, that is your word. And you will know for sure because your word will nudge at you, maybe butterflies will flutter in your stomach or your heart will race.


For the next year you will seek to experience this word.

You will find it embodied in everything you do.

Your word will be present in your interactions with others and how you treat yourself.

You will find it even when at first glance your word is nowhere to be seen.


Focus on what you want and what you want will appear.

For the record, this isn’t esoteric woo woo. It’s a simple (yet underused) shift in perspective. Train your brain to focus on what you desire and you will see it more often. We’ve all been there– wanting to buy a new car? Suddenly that make of car is all you see on the streets. You’re pregnant? Everyone around you is pregnant. This isn’t chance, it is frequency illusion. Now use it to your advantage.

It’s not so much about a lifestyle overhaul as it is about a perception overhaul.


As for me, lately I have been feeling the weight of the mundane. I have let many a day go by undistinguished from the rest, a slow lull of predictability and routine. Definitely not the way I want to live the rest of my life! Yet, somehow adventure, excitement and thrill didn’t quite resonate in my search for my word.

So what do I want for 2017?




Magic is what I want this year! I want to experience magic. I want to see magical things and chat with magical people. I want to reconnect with the magic of the relationships I have. I want magical moments to be fleeting or lasting, but full of magic nonetheless.

Far from meaning that I must enroll in exotic travels or high energy adventures, what this means to me is I must be open and ready to find magic everywhere I am. Even in the mundane and routine. Especially in the mundane and routine. This is true magic!

When did I stop amazing myself at the simple wonders of the world? I don’t know.

Why did I stop being awe-struck by everyday’s small miracles? I don’t know.

I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

What I do know is 2017 is the year in which magic follows me everywhere I go, I find it in everything I do, and it comes from all who cross my path.


What is your word for 2017?