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Why Me?

Because I get it. 
Once upon a time I knew I wanted to get in shape, but I was clueless and intimidated by all the contradicting information I found about health and fitness.Coffee saves you from cancer! But coffee will kill your stomach! Do squats! But squats wreck knees! Sound familiar? Yeah, I got tired of it, too.
So I decided to start weeding through the sensationalism and ratings, and focus on the research, the results, and the proven methods. And, you know what? It has done wonders for me.
I bring you this information so you will benefit from it as I do. I love health and fitness and I want to spread that love around.
My name is Carolina Belmares and I’m a Canfitpro certified Personal Trainer, certified Zumba instructor, Precision Nutrition certified Sports Nutrition coach, and I completed the PN Level 2 certification on the psychology of coaching and implementing change.
Pretty cool, huh? I like to think so! I feel like a well-rounded fitness professional and always looking to learn more.
But I am not my qualifications. I am a person– with a family, a busy schedule, a house to upkeep, chores to do, errands to run, a job to work. A big part of my success as a coach stems from keeping grounded to the realities of life. You will never find me shaking my head, wagging my finger or tsk tsk-ing my clients because, you know what? You’re dealing with enough already. Support, compassion, empathy and communication… that’s how I roll.

Let’s have fun while we do this!